The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is absolutely mind blowing. As its name suggests, the Grand Canyon is a vast, mile deep, 10 mile wide, canyon. The enormity of the scale, the colours running through the rock and the Colorado River snaking far below combine to make an incredible visual spectacle.

Millions of people come to the canyon every year and many just gaze in wonder, take a load of pictures and leave. The Grand Canyon is such an amazing sight that this is well worth doing, but you can choose to stay a while. There are lots of hiking trails, from the gentle trails along the rim to the hard core trek down into the bottom of the canyon and back out again. You can take a mule ride or a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you can take a raft ride through it and you can fly over it in a light aircraft.

The Grand Canyon is found in Arizona, one of the south-west States. You can take a day trip to the Grand canyon by light aircraft or helicopter from Las Vegas, Nevada, or you can drive there from Vegas, Phoenix or Flagstaff.

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You can include a trip to the Grand Canyon in a road trip starting and finishing in Las Vegas and incorporating a trip to Zion National Park and Lake Powell.