National Parks Practical Stuff

National Parks Practical Stuff

Bryce Canyon, Utah

All the US National Parks are all very easy to visit under your own steam. Unless it is your preference, you do not need to be part of an organized tour or trip. Many of the Parks are difficult to access using public transport so the easiest way to get to most of them is by car or RV (a recreational vehicle, otherwise known as a camper van). A car is also often useful on arrival as most of the US National Parks cover large tracts of land and public transport is sparse. This means access is limited without your own transport.

Driving American roads is straightforward; they are generally well maintained and well marked. The roads in the Parks are of more variable quality as some of them are subject to very harsh weather conditions but driving is kept easy with clear signing and a strictly enforced speed limit. See our guide to driving in the US for more information.

There are various guides that cover the parks but our favourite for planning and overview information is the National Geographic ‘Guide to the National Parks of the United States’.

All of the US National Parks are chargeable. Check out for current prices. If you are visiting more than one park in a single trip it can be cheaper to buy an annual pass.