Yosemite National Park

  • Nevada Fall

    View from the Mist Trail

  • El Capitan

    Looking up from the Valley floor

  • View from the Valley

    From the Valley looking up

  • Cathedral Peak

    View from the Cathedral Lakes Trail

  • Half Dome

    View from Sentinel Dome

  • View into the Valley

    View from Glacier Point Road

  • Vernal and Nevada Falls

    View from Glacier Point


Yosemite is an incredible, vast National Park in Northern California. It is a World Heritage Site and is famous for its cliffs, waterfalls and streams and the beautiful Yosemite Valley. It has some of the most amazing scenery you can find anywhere, and is hugely popular with climbers, walkers and thousands of tourists who come to marvel at the views.

Although Yosemite National Park is very popular and extremely busy during the summer, this should not put you off visiting. If you plan your trip you can find easy ways to get away from the crowds and discover your own piece of paradise. You can also access Yosemite Valley all year round and whilst climbing and hiking activities may be restricted, the Park is just as beautiful and far quieter outside the summer.

It is very simple to plan a trip to Yosemite National Park as part of a California holiday. It is an easy drive from San Francisco and very easy to incorporate into a road trip with Big Sur. It is a great destination for anyone who enjoys scenery, climbing or hiking. It is also a great family destination. If you are a hiking family there are a wide variety of trails within the Park and some are suitable for buggies and toddlers. There are also streams to wade in, myriads of birds to spot, there is rafting, fishing, horse riding……