Before You Go

Before You Go

Cliff dwellings, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

We are both really good at forgetting things and having to do them in a mad panic just before we go away. In order to help ourselves become a little more organised we have a list system so we thought we’d share it with you to save your having to write your own.

If you are travelling with kids we have written a separate checklist

There is something quite satisfying about ticking things off on a piece of paper so if you click here Holiday checklist  you will get a PDF that you can print off should you be so minded!

Holiday checklist

When you book your flight / accommodation
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Apply for your ESTA
 1 month before you travel
  • Book car hire
  • Buy any additional insurances in relation to the hire car
  • Arrange airport parking and / or hotels
1 week before you travel
  •  Decide how you will pay for things on your trip
  •  Notify your bank / credit card provider if you will be using a credit or debit card abroad if required
  • Cancel any regular deliveries to your house
  • Arrange care for any pets / plants to be watered etc
 72 hours before you travel
  • Confirm your ESTA has come through!  This is your last chance to get it if you haven’t before!
 24 hours before you travel

Gather together the following:

  • Passports
  • Tickets / e-tickets
  • Copy of ESTA confirmation (not needed but can be useful)
  • Details of your travel insurance
  • Driving licence including paper counterfoil if you are hiring a car
  • Money / credit cards etc
  • Details of the place you are staying (you will need this for your customs declaration so ensure it is in your hand luggage)


  • Label the inside of any hold luggage clearly with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Empty the fridge of the stuff that’s been lurking in the back for ages!