Why holiday in the USA?

  • Tunnel View

    View into Yosemite National Park, California

  • Vegas by day

    View along The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Fun in a kayak

    Paddling the mangroves, Florida

  • The Lincoln Memorial

    The Mall, Washington, D.C

  • The Grand Canyon

    View from the South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

  • Lombard Street

    San Fransico, California

  • Two Osprey

    Osprey on a nest, Florida

  • Sea Otter

    Breaking clams on a pebble, California

Why Holiday in the USA? To experience a diverse and fascinating combination – from cityscapes to wilderness, from beaches to glaciers, from iconic yellow cabs to geysers, from fashion spotting to wildlife watching, from neon to star gazing……

People often ask us why they should holiday in the USA. There seems to be a myth that if you have been to one State you have seen America, or that it is lacking in culture and diversity. We are exposed to so much American media that it is easy to believe we know America without ever having visited, or without having explored beyond the main tourist attractions on the coasts.

However, America is not a homogenised mix of theme parks, shopping malls and fast food joints but a diverse and fascinating country with mesmerizing natural landscapes and wildlife as well as fantastic culture and built environments. Whilst all strip malls do tend toward a certain sameness, there are distinct differences in people, culture and in landscape as you travel through America so if you have visited one State you are a long way from having experienced all that America has to offer.

On a practical level America is a great tourist destination for a number of reasons. Car hire, eating and drinking and accommodation are often cheaper in the US than their European equivalents. The ease of a common language and of getting around America combined with the diversity of attractions make it a great place to be an independent traveller.

If you get slightly off the beaten track you are likely to be met with a very warm welcome. People will want to talk to you  and will be keen to tell you about their town and give you advice on enjoying your holiday. There are few places where you can go from the neon brashness of Las Vegas or Los Angeles to  hike in the desert or gasp at the Grand Canyon, from the hilly streets of San Francisco to the beauty of Yosemite and the bears of Sequoia in a single trip and under your own steam.

So, why not get inspired and create your own US adventure today?