USA National Parks

  • Alligator on a mission

    Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, Florida

  • Cliff Palace

    Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

  • Hot Pool at West Thumb

    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  • Black bear cubs

    Sequoia National Park, California

  • Cove Arch

    Arches National Park, Utah

  • Half Dome

    Yosemite National Park, California


Visiting the USA National Parks

The USA National Parks contain some truly spectacular natural features, scenery, plant and animal life.

Whilst they are all very different we have never failed to have a great time, to see something completely jaw dropping and to learn something new. Some of our best holidays have been spent exploring the USA National Parks and they have given us some lovely memories.

In general the parks are wonderful places for scenery and wildlife. If you are into art, photography or wildlife watching they offer some great opportunities to indulge your passion. Some such as Mesa Verde offer a fabulous chance to glimpse into the lives of an ancient culture and some such as Yellowstone or the Lassen Volcanic Park allow you to watch geology in action. You can see the desert in Big Bend and temperate rainforests at Olympic. You can enjoy the tops of mountains in the Rocky Mountain Park and drop below sea level at Death Valley. Wander among the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon and snorkel at Biscayne. See alligators in the Everglades and bears in Yosemite.  See if you can manage to hug one of the mighty trees at Sequoia but admire their prickly cousins at Joshua Tree.  

Visiting one of the USA National Parks is definitely a case of choose your adventure.